Tips for ocean kayaking for beginners

Kayaking can be a fun workout and a great way to see new places. While you’re on vacation in Oahu, travel north to the North Shore to kayak on beautiful blue waters. Even for beginners, ocean kayaking in Hawaii can be a fun workout and tour. Here are some tips for ocean kayaking for beginners:

Seek out calmer waters

Many of the beaches on the North Shore of Oahu offer flatter, calmer waters. However, some beaches (like those that are better for surfing have big waves or unusual tides that make kayaking hard. Ask local surf shops or kayak rental stores where they’d recommend. You can usually find some unique spots this way, and you won’t be stressed about tides or waves.

Stay safe

Before heading out, make sure you have a life jacket that fits properly and keep it on at all times — you never know when a rough wave might cause you to tip! Also, wear sun protection and stay in sight (and paddling or swimming distance) or the shore.

Paddle properly

As you sit in the kayak, hold the paddle across your lap. Grab the paddle so the curve arches forward, toward the front of your boat. Stroke evenly, alternating either side. Keep your hands relaxed, your head up and twist from your core to help power your stroke.

Bring all the supplies

Swim shirt? Sun screen? Hat? Lots and lots of water and snacks? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at the Surf N Sea surf shop before you hit the water.

Know your limits

If you’re a beginner kayaker who has never paddles before, know that your arms and core might get tired, or your back and bum might get achy from sitting! Give yourself time to take breaks, and don’t overexert yourself. Be aware of your limits, and don’t over-extend on your first time out.

Are you ready to kayak on Hawaii’s North Shore? Reserve your kayak rental for your vacation today.