Top 5 Winter Surfing Destinations

With winter here, a lot of surfers are looking for winter surfing destinations to explore. While there are tons of options, there are a few that stand out as fan favorites among the surfing community. To find out what the top 5 winter surfing destinations are, keep reading below!

lone surfer paddling between breakers

Winter Surfing Destinations

So what makes a winter surfing destination better than the others? Most surfers are looking for mild temps, both air and water-wise. They are also looking for great wave patterns of all skill levels. With these in mind, most surfers have voted the following destinations as the best for winter surfing:


The fact that it’s centrally located makes Morocco a favorite among many European surfers. With mild water temps that sit around 65 degrees in the winter, Morocco offers plenty of beaches with different surfing levels. Whether you’re an advanced surfer looking for challenging waves, an intermediate surfer hoping to improve your skills, or a beginner wanting to try something new, there’s a beach in Morocco waiting for you.


Portugal is quickly becoming a surfing mecca and it’s easy to see why. It’s known to have great weather and surf conditions all year round, but the very best time of year to go is from October until April. If you go at this time, you’ll be welcomed with large, powerful waves and average water temps. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy all that Portugal has to offer including nightlife, beach bars, and more. 


While winter may be considered the wet season in Bali, many surfers are beginning to look past it as they travel to the region. Why? Rainy season means that the beaches will be far less crowded. There will also be plenty of surf breaks for all skill levels, in addition to fairly warm water temps around 70-80 degrees.


Hoping to go down under? We don’t blame you! Surfers love to head for Australia during the winter for many reasons. The biggest one – our winter is their summer! So if you’re hoping to escape the cold and head for warmth again, this is the place for you. Water temps are around 80 degrees this time of year and the waves are plentiful. Just be aware that this is still cyclone season for them, which means great swells but the potential for bad weather.  


You can’t forget about Hawaii during the winter! Just because the temps are mild and the rainy season is setting in doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride. Hawaii’s Oahu has incredible surfing during the winter, especially on the North Shore. While many beaches have unpredictable swells that are better left for experienced surfers, there are plenty of options for beginners too. 

Surfing On Oahu in the Winter

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