Surfing Gear all Beginners Should Have

So, you want to learn how to surf, but have no idea what you will need to get started? If so, we have have the answers for you. While surfing is an incredible sport to participate in, it’s not without its own learning curve. There are certain items that we recommend to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable. To find out what gear you should be investing in as you learn, keep reading below!

Surfing Gear

It’s tempting to go out and buy all of the newest, shiniest products available. However, it’s best that you don’t. At least, not right away as you are learning. 

Buying brand new, expensive gear without first having tested different products is an easy way to waste unnecessary money. Therefore, it’s a good idea to look at gently used, discounted items or even trying rental items . This way, you can try different things and discover what works best for you before buying unnecessary items that don’t work for your needs and ability.

Need some guidance on what essentials you should be investing in right away? Below are our must-haves:


This one is obvious, but choosing a surfboard is easier said than done these days. Why? Because there are tons of options available to you. If you’re going board shopping, we highly suggest that you ask a professional for advice. Whether it’s a friend who surfs or a team member at a surf shop, get the opinion of someone who knows surfboards. Maybe even sign up for surfing lessons to test boards out personally before dropping hundreds of dollars on a board that does not work for your needs.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing a board, you can also look into borrowing one from a friend or even renting one. Either way, there are options out there for you, just make sure that you’re being educated on them properly so you can choose wisely and not waste your hard earned dollars.


Once you have a good board, you’re going to need a leash. It’s not exactly what you’re thinking – you don’t walk the dog with it. But you do use it to tether your board to your ankle. This keeps the board from getting away from you when you wipe out. It also protects others so they don’t get hit by a loose board as it washes in. A leash can also help save your boards from getting damaged if your surfing in an area where there are rocks along the shoreline. 


Wax is the key element which provides a grip while paddling and standing on your surfboard. There are many different wax formula specially designed for different ocean conditions. Some are for warm tropical water, some for cold water and some strictly for base coat use. So, when you are at your local surf shop make sure you check with the team member at the shop and ask which is the best wax for your stick!

Rash Guard or Wetsuit

While it might be really tempting to grab your board and hit the waves, you should take a minute and prep first. A great way to prep for the water is with a rash guard or wetsuit. With global warming and the concern of skin cancer, we recommend that everyone use a rash guard.Though the name implies that it protects you from the rash you will get from your chest rubbing and grinding the wax on the deck of your surfboard, a lycra rash guard or wetsuit will also protect you from the UV rays preventing sunburns and long term skin damage.


Along with the rashguard a good zinc-based sunscreen is a must before hitting the surf. It’s very important to apply sunscreen before you hit the water giving it time to dry and absorb into your screen. This will help making it last and protect your skin longer and also keep it from getting into your eyes. There are many great sunscreens that stay on well and protect your skin during long periods in the water. We recommend that you invest a little time and choose a chemical free ocean friendly sunscreen that will not damage the oceans reefs. Because, it’s the oceans reefs that create the surf that you will be riding! Do your part and protect our oceans that we love and enjoy as a surfer and protect your skin!

Ear plugs

Ear plugs are a great way to help protect your eardrums from swimmer’s ear. Swimmers ear is caused from water constantly getting into your eardrum which can cause infections and eventually over the long term closure of the ear canal.Therefore, it’s recommended that you invest in some ear plugs if you plan on being in the water for long periods of time. Ear plugs will help prevent ear infections that will keep you out of the water and miss those perfect days!

Learn to Surf

Now that you know what gear you need to get started, it’s time to go to you favorite surf shop. Not sure where to go? Check out Surf N Sea on the north shore of Oahu! Our shop is located right on the beach in Haleiwa. We specialize in all things surfing and our knowledgeable staff can take the guesswork out of choosing what is best for your and help you select the right gear. We can also help you learn to surf with our skilled surf instructors surfing lessons

Don’t delay, give us a call today or stop in to see us, we’d love to help you get started and learn what fun and addicting sport surfing is!