Is Paddleboarding a Professional Sport?

So you recently entered the world of SUP, or stand up paddleboarding, and you absolutely love it! We can’t blame you, it is an awesome water sport. You can do it on lakes, rivers, and oceans, and i’m sure you’ve now discovered that once you start paddleboarding, it’s hard to stop.

Now that you’ve had a taste, you’re probably also wondering, is paddleboarding a professional sport? The short answer is yes. Keep reading below as we dive into this a little more in depth.

Believe it or not, stand up paddleboarding is, in fact, a professional sport. Just like surfing, people all over the world compete, instruct, and promote the sport as professional paddleboarders. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re really into the sport and would like to know more about becoming an instructor or competitor, there is an association for professional paddleboarders to join that will help you with your paddleboarding goals.  

Professional Stand Up Paddle Association

Professional Stand Up Paddle Association, or PSUPA, aims to support the growing community of paddleboarding professionals and instructors. They promote safe and effective instruction while also sharing their passion with the world.

Visiting their website, you can search for instructors near you so that you can expand on your skillset. You can also sign up for courses directly and join their membership association, complete with private benefits and resources.

Paddleboarding classes and events

Paddleboarding is a fantastic sport to help you stay in shape while also having fun! So once you’ve learned enough to feel comfortable on a board, both with balance and maneuverability, you can start to experiment with lots of fun classes.

Paddleboard Yoga

Did you know that there are instructors out there that teach paddleboard yoga? No, seriously! It is important that you can balance properly so make sure to spend plenty of time getting acquainted on your paddleboard before signing up for a class. Once you do that, though, take a yoga class and combine two fun sports together for an unforgettable experience!

Just like in-studio yoga, there are tons of different poses and styles that you can practice. Unlike being inside, though, you also get the beauty of the outdoors and the challenge of moving water beneath you.

Paddleboard tours

Along with classes, you can now also take paddleboarding tours. Tours are a fantastic way for large groups of people to explore new places and landmarks. Thus, businesses are now offering paddleboard tours so family and friends can experience paddling and exploration at the same time.

Do some research online if you would like to know what types of tours are available in your area or where you are planning to go on vacation. For example, check out this really cool paddleboarding tour in Tennessee. They take their clients down the Tennessee River, exploring a wildlife refuge and even a bat cave!

Paddleboard events

Once you hone in on your skills and complete some certification programs (you can do this with many different organizations, Professional Stand Up Paddle Association included) you can start to enter yourself into events and competitions.Since the sport is so versatile, it can be done anywhere with water. That means that there are competitions all over the world and one is bound to be near you.

Like any sport, there are different types of paddleboarding events and competitions. For example, there are typically events for distance racing, obstacle courses and more. Just like running marathons, there are also some with charity backgrounds if you’re interested in racing for a cause. The best part of it all – there are events for all ages so you can get the entire family in on the fun!

stand up paddleboarding

Paddleboard in Hawaii

Stand up paddleboarding is, hands down, one of the best things to do in Hawaii. Not only can you and your family explore the serene waters of the rivers, you can also journey out into the ocean with the local wildlife. Either way, the scenery is breathtaking and the memories you make will be incredible.

There are many ways to experience paddleboarding in Hawaii, with many different companies offering paddleboard rentals and excursions. Whether you’re looking to just rent equipment so you can create your own experience, or you would like to sign up for classes and tours with a local company, there is bound to be something for everyone. Just be aware when deciding to go out on your own without a professional guide.

If you’re not from Hawaii or you’re new to paddleboarding, it is important to do research on safe locations to paddleboard. Make sure you take plenty of water and snacks, have backup plans, and know where you’re going to be paddling beforehand. Additionally, if you choose to paddleboard in the ocean on your own, be aware of changing currents and tides. Safety should always be your number one priority when on the board.

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Paddleboarding is one of the world’s most up-and-coming sports and it’s very easy to see why. Fun and versatile, it has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re just looking to have some fun with family and friends, or you’d like to speak to someone about becoming an instructor, we’re here to help answer all your questions.

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