What can you do with a SCUBA certification?

What’s next after you’re SCUBA certified?

So you got your SCUBA dive certification — maybe a friend talked you into taking the class with them, or maybe you have a vacation to Hawaii planned (one of the best places to SCUBA dive, in our opinion!) Whatever the case, you’re now Open Water Certified through PADI or another similar organization, so you’re ready to hit the water!  A SCUBA certification course through Surf N Sea can open many doors for you, including SCUBA diving trips or future certifications. Here are just a few places you can go with your SCUBA certification: 

Go on dive trips

Whether by yourself to a location you’re interested in diving or you go with a dive shop as part of a group, SCUBA diving is a great way to see the world! Many dive shops offer trips, both in their local area or to locations around the world, so you can visit a variety of places. Plan your next vacation around your dream dive, like a trip to Hawaii!

Explore a wreck

From a ships and piers to buildings or docks, there’s plenty of forgotten world to see under the water! Many of these large items have become part of the ocean floor, corroding over time and becoming a habitat for fish, sharks, coral and more! These wrecks make for fantastic dives for both the history behind them and the scenery they’ve created.

Dive at night

Ready for something truly unique? Go on a night dive! Use a flashlight to check out the fish attracted to your light, and see other wildlife flitting around you!

Work as a diver

There are plenty of jobs under the water! If you’ve found your home beneath the sea, there are tons of jobs for you! There are opportunities as photographers, archaeologists, welders, guides or even a diver who picks up golf balls underwater!

Get more certifications 

Do you want to dive to deeper depths, become a divemaster or instructor? Once you have your Open Water Certification, you can keep going! There are a lot of places and opportunities to keep growing.

Are you interested in getting your SCUBA certification? Contact the team at Surf N Sea to start the process today!