What do I need for my snorkel trip?

Whether you’re preparing to go on your first snorkel trip or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll want to check your list for the supplies you’ll need to bring along. Snorkeling is a great watersport because it takes relatively few supplies, but the gear you do need is vital! You can rent or even buy most of the snorkel gear listed below at shops on Hawaii, but some snorkeling supplies you’ll need to bring yourself.

Let’s dive into the top supplies you need for a successful snorkel trip:

Gear —

There are just three pieces of gear you need for a snorkel trip: snorkel, mask and fins. The snorkel is the tube that runs from your mouth to the air. The mask covers your eyes and (usually) your nose, and has a place for the snorkel to attach to keep the tube upright. The fins, or flippers, go on your feet to help you maneuver with minimal effort. All of these supplies can be rented from local surf shops like Surf N Sea!

Clothing —

The must-have item of clothing for snorkeling is a swim suit. Even if you forgot yours, there are plenty of places to purchase one on the island. If you have a tendency to get cold, you have the option to wear a wet suit, although we doubt you’ll need it in Hawaii’s warm waters. Another option for clothing is a sun shirt or swim shirt to protect your body against UV rays.

Additional —

One item that you’ll need is water-proof sunscreen. Your back will be exposed to a lot of sun while you snorkel, since you swim face-down, so lather up before you head out. If you’re uncomfortable in the water , you can use a life jacket or swim noodle to help you stay buoyant and ease your mind. And don’t forget the underwater camera to capture all the great moments!

Is there an item that you can’t snorkel without? Let us know! Or join us on a snorkeling excursion, and we’ll take care of all the supplies.