Must-have supplies for your SCUBA diving trip

Headed out to SCUBA dive on Hawaii’s North Shore? Here’s what to bring and some tips  for your dive with Surf N’ Sea.

SCUBA certification

We require all our divers to be certified through an organization such as PADI before they can dive unassisted. This is standard procedure for dive shops, so bring your PADI certification card on vacation with you. Not certified? We can help with that! Surf N Sea offers PADI certification classes

Double check your gear

If you’re bringing your own gear, double check that you have everything and that it’s in working order. This includes wet suit (if necessary), swim shirt, weights, weight belt, BCD, regulator, a full tank, octopus, dive computer, lights, knife and more (depending on who you are and your preferences). Don’t want to lug all that gear around with you? Rent it from the Surf N Sea shop!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

It may seem like since you’ve been in the water all day, you don’t need to keep hydrating. Actually, it’s the opposite! Make sure you hydrate properly before and after your dive, and pack a water bottle on the boat. Trust us — all that salt water will make you thirsty!

And don’t get hungry

It seems like SCUBA diving is just floating around in the water, but it’s actually fairly physically demanding. Make sure your body has energy to run on by having a proper meal an hour or two before your dive and having a snack on hand to munch on after you return to the boat.

Seasickness medication

Does a rocking boat make you nauseous? If so, don’t forget to take a few seasickness pills beforehand. You probably won’t feel the waves or get seasick once you’re under the water, but on windy days, the ride to and from the dive site can get choppy.

Change of clothes and towel

Once you get back to the boat, you may be a bit chilled. Bring a towel and change of clothes, such as a sweatshirt, to warm up in afterward.

Do you have further questions about what to bring to your SCUBA dive trip on Hawaii’s North Shore? Or are you ready to book your excursion? Contact Surf N Sea today to book your dive!