Know before you go: shark cage diving

In recent years, shark cage diving has become a popular extreme sport, especially in Hawaii, where we have such amazing sea life. Humans have long fears of sharks, which has been exacerbated by movies such as “Jaws.” However, these creatures are beautiful and amazing to observe in their natural habitat – with the proper equipment and safety!

If it’s your first time shark cage diving, don’t worry! The years of experience, and extensive professional training provide a completely safe experience to view these amazing animals in their environment. However, we’ve gathered a few things to know before you hit the water.

It’s very safe

Before you hit the water, the Surf N’ Sea team will give you a safety briefing that will cover everything you need to know for your first shark cage diving experience. We have years of training, and have developed a sound system for our divers. The cage, boat and equipment is tested regularly to ensure a fun & safe trip for you.

Don’t touch

Don’t forget — these are wild animals! They may look docile when they swim by the cage, and you may even be tempted to reach out to touch them. Don’t! You should never touch wildlife in the ocean, especially an unpredictable one with big teeth.

Keep calm

You might be nervous as you climb into the cage and begin your descent. However, remember that this is a safe excursion that has been regularly tested and kept up. Take slow, deep breaths and enjoy the experience. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Bring appropriate clothes

First, don’t forget your swimsuit. We have the rest of the diving gear available to rent in our surf shop. However, you may want to bring additional clothing to wear on the boat on the way to or from the dive site. It can get a little chilly in the wind once the boat is moving. And don’t forget sunscreen!

Don’t forget the camera

This could be a once-in-a-lifetime event for you and your family! Don’t forget an underwater camera to capture it. Video is also available through Surf N Sea, so you can relive the experience for years to come!

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