Tips For First Time Snorkelers

Snorkeling is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to peak into the underwater world. There is very little training involved, and snorkel gear is easy to rent during your vacation from any local surf shop. However, those who have never snorkeled before might be nervous about their first time in a mask and fins. If it is your first time, don’t fear! We’ve compiled a few tips to make your first time snorkeling a success!

  • Rent quality equipment that fits
    When you rent your snorkel gear, make sure you’re getting the mask and fins from a reputable location that has quality equipment. You’ll also want to try on the gear at the surf shop to ensure it fits properly. Your mask should fit snug around your face and head without creating wrinkles or pulled skin. Flippers should fit like shoes. Some people even wear water socks or water shoes underneath to prevent rubbing and blistering.


  • Get used to your gear
    Start by using your gear in calm, shallow waters where you can touch the ocean flood. It will take time to get used to breathing through the snorkel and moving with the fins, so practicing in a calm area will help you acclimate.


  • Be honest about your swimming abilities
    Don’t be afraid to use flotation devices if you’re unsure about your comfort level in the water. Oceans present new challenges, like ocean currents and waves that you’ll have to deal with during your snorkeling outing, so make sure you’re comfortable in the water. Before entering the water any where always check with the lifeguards first. Remember When in Doubt…Don’t Go Out!


  • Learn to clear your snorkel
    You will inevitably get salt water in your snorkel. Eventually, it might get in the way of breathing. It’s easy to clear your snorkel without pulling your head out of the water – simply take a deep breath in and blow it out hard and fast, like you’re trying to launch a ping-pong ball out of the snorkel. This will shoot the water out the top!


  • Relax and have fun!
    Keep breathing normally through your mouth as you venture further into the water. Don’t touch the sea life or coral, but bring an underwater camera to take photos of all the fun!

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