Snorkeling with Kids – Dos and Don’ts

A child’s first vacation to a tropical place can be very exciting. There are a lot of new things to see and experience, especially for those who have never had a chance to play in the ocean before. There’s a whole new world of underwater life for them to see! Snorkeling is one of the easiest and safest ways for a child to experience the ocean. It is an inexpensive activity that provides hours or even days of entertainment and new adventures! If your child is a first time snorkeler, follow these tips to ensure their adventure is a success.

  • Be honest about your child’s abilities in the water. If they’ve been taking swimming lessons since before they could walk and they’re extremely comfortable in the water, they may have an easier time acclimating to snorkeling. If they haven’t spent much time in the ocean and are unfamiliar with challenges such as waves and ocean currents, you should find a more low-key, calm place to snorkel. You can also get flotation devices for your child to use, such as a lifejacket or a floating noodle. Always check with the lifeguards for ocean conditions before entering the water. Always remember safety first…When in Doubt…Don’t Go Out!


  • Get gear that fits. When you rent your child’s snorkel, mask and fins, make sure the gear fits properly. Utilize the expertise of those at the surf shop to make sure the mask and fins fit snug, but not too tight.


  • Don’t forget the sun protection. Sun screen can wash off in the water, so ensure kids are wearing swim shirts or other forms of sun protection. Reapply sun blocks regularly. Also, be sure to use a sunscreen that’s safe for the coral reefs and ocean environment.


  • Teach them not to touch anything. Kids are naturally curious and may try to reach out to touch coral or sea life. Before you get in the water, have a talk with your child to remind them to keep their hands to themselves. Some coral or sea life can deliver stings, which will ruin your whole trip.


  • Keep them close, but let them relax and find their own comfort level. You should keep an eye on your child to make sure they’re safe, but children will love the freedom and independence that comes with snorkeling. They’ll enjoy diving in and out of the water, and exploring on their own.

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