5 tips for beginning stand-up paddle boarders

Stand up paddle boarding is a fun new sport that almost everyone can do. It doesn’t take much previous knowledge before you’re out on a board, paddling along the North Shore. However, there are a few things to know before you hop on a stand-up paddleboard, or SUP, for the first time.

Here are our five tips for beginning stand-up paddle boarders:

Start low

If you’re a beginning paddleboarder, you might be a little nervous and shaky. That’s OK! Until you get the feel of the board on the water, it’s totally acceptable to start out on your knees. This will help you learn the proper way to paddle before you worry about balance. Speaking of the proper way to paddle…

Work more than your arms

When using a SUP in Hawaii, use more than just your arm muscles! Your core muscles (LINK TO OTHER NEW BLOG) are also very important. These muscles help you turn and pull the water harder, as well as keep your balance. To do this, stand nice and tall, and turn at the belly button as you paddle.

Head up

Don’t stare at your feet as you paddle your SUP. The gut instinct while learning to paddle board is to look down at the tip of your board, but watching it bob in the water will throw off your balance. Instead, look at the horizon while you paddle to keep your back and core straight with your weight over your toes. This will add stability, and allow you to see all the scenery the North Shore has to offer! This will also help you be aware and keep an eye out for surfers or other paddle boarders.

Know how to fall

It’s inevitable — eventually, you will fall off your paddle board. Don’t worry, Hawaii’s waters are warm and refreshing! But there is a proper way to fall off your board. Don’t try to catch yourself on the board; instead, fall away from the board. Paddleboards are big and heavy, and it will hurt if you smack a limb on them.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Can’t quite get the hang of it? Or maybe you’re still a little nervous and want additional tips before you take your SUP rental out for the first time. Stop into a local surf shop, like Surf N Sea, to chat with surfers and paddle boarders who have been participating in the sport for a while.

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