Griffin Colapinto — the newbie who rocked the 2017 Triple Crown

Griffin Colapinto has had a couple really good years. And we mean really, really good!
Last winter, Colapinto became the first surfer from mainland USA to win the Vans Triple Crown in nearly two decades. (The last USA mainlander was Kelly Slater  in 1998, the year Colapinto was born). It was an incredible feat for Colapinto, especially given that two years ago, he was listed as just one of many up-and-coming talents from California.

Colapinto wowed everyone in the first two jewels of the Triple Crown in 2017. He finished second at the Hawaiian Pro and fourth at the Vans World Cup. Even though he did not have a seed into the Pipe Masters draw (as he was not part of the 2017 Championship Tour), Colapinto earned his way into the Pipe Masters via the Pipe Invitational, the local Trials. Colapinto, who lives in San Clemente, California, was the first Californian to ever win the Triple Crown.

Colapinto finished the season as the 2017 Qualifying Series champion. Colapinto and his family have always been big surfers. His parents ran a surf camp in San Clemente during the summers of his youth, and both Colapinto and his brother, Crosby, took to the ocean early.

This year, Colapinto is the youngest of the seven rookies on the men’s Championship Tour at 19. He’s been nicknamed “Sponge” because of his teachable nature, and he’s considered “dangerous” in all types of surf conditions. Keep an eye on Colapinto this year as we head into preparations for this year’s Triple Crown. We’re excited to see what this young surfer will accomplish!