Something for Everyone: Surf Lesson Levels

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try surfing, or maybe you’re ready to increase your skills. Whatever the case, Hawaii (specifically, Haleiwa’s North Shore!) is one of the best locations to surf. There are surf lessons and class levels for everyone, so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.


So you’ve never put your toes on a surfboard before? Or maybe you have, but you’ve only tried surfing a few times, and you don’t feel very confident in your skills? Not to worry — the beginner lessons are for you! Our instructors can walk you through the basic skills, safety, etiquette, popping up techniques, board control. At Surf N Sea, a beginner lesson also includes use of a rash guard to help protect you from the sun’s harmful UV’s, and the safest soft foam boards available.

Time: 2-3 hours

Price: $85 per person


So you’ve got the basics form the beginner surf lessons. You’re comfortable with popping up techniques and you have good control of your board and ride waves to shore. Now it’s time to take the next step. Intermediate lessons are more personalized instruction catered to your needs and schedule, and includes use of our rental surfboards.

Time: Customizable

Price: $170 per person

Advanced or private

Do you have a certain skill you want to master, or start learning advanced moves? The advanced lesson is for you. This include private lessons, which helps accommodate each surfer’s individual style, skills or needs.

Time: Customizable

Price: $170 per person


Want to see something completely new, unique and interesting? Sign up for Surf Safari lessons at Surf N Sea. This is the best way to get a sample of some of the best surf spots on the North Shore. You will be introduced to spots you’ve never surfed or even heard of before, and you’ll become familiar with the famous spots you have always dreamed of surfing.

Time: 4-5 hours

Price: $220

Notes: Includes the use of any 2 of our rental boards