4 Tips for Caring for Your Surf Board

You spend a lot of time researching the best brands, shopping for the perfect style and, finally, picking out your surfboard. Now that you own your first surfboard, make sure you take care of it so you can enjoy it for years to come. Here are our top tips for caring for your board:

Invest in a bag 
Some of the worst damage to your board can happen when you’re not even using it. Dings and scratches can happen when you’re transporting the board on top of your car, and cracks can happen if a heavy item hits the board the wrong way. Even sunlight can weaken the board or discolor your board. To avoid any unnecessary wear and tear, invest in a surfboard cover and or travel bag and keep your board in these bags whenever it isn’t in use. Bags are also great for travel so you can surf anywhere.
Store it well 
After you get the board home or to wherever you’re sleeping for the night, put your board away right. Don’t set it upright in a place that’s easy to fall over — a fall can cause dings, dents or cracks. The best thing to do is get a mounted surfboard rack to avoid dings. And don’t forget to lock it up! As sad as it is, sometimes boards get stolen.
Fix dings right away 
So something inevitable happens, and your board gets dinged. Don’t wait to fix it, as the ding (or crack/ding/chip/etc.) could get worse. Many surf shops carry repair kits or can help point you in the right direction. Make sure you rinse your board well with fresh water before patching and when you complete your surf session for the day, in general! Salt water can be very corrosive, so just like you hop in the shower when you’re done shredding, give your board a quick once over with fresh water.
Don’t ride up on to the beach 
We know — you want the ride to last as long as possible. Us too! But don’t ride your board all the way onto the sand. This runs the fins into the sand, which is a quick way to cause damage to your board. On that note, be aware of where you ride. You don’t want to smash your board on rocks or sand.