6 tips for traveling with a surf board

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This holiday season, are you headed somewhere new and exciting to surf, or returning to old favorite spots? Wherever you’re headed, make sure your surfboard arrives safely. Here are a couple quick tips for traveling with your surfboard.

  1. The first and easiest step to packing a surf board is to ensure you have a good surfboard travel bag. It’s best to pick one about 6 inches longer than your largest board so you can add padding and cushioning. Think about ease of travel — do you want a bag with wheels that will allow you to wheel it through the airport, or maybe a bag with straps will allow you to carry your board over rugged terrain.
    Also, if you’re flying with your surfboard, make sure you check TSA regulations to ensure your bag and board fit the parameters. 
  2. Remove the fins from your board, if you can. Securely wrap the fins in a towel and store the fins in your bag pocket or separate bag. DON’T FORGET your fin key to reattach your fins when you arrive at your destination!
  3. Remove old wax from your board, if needed. You don’t want your cold-water surf wax to melt when you get to the warmer climate!
  4. Add padding! Use foam pipe insulation or even pool noodles to line the edge of your board — cut a slit in the foam lengthwise to cover the outer edge of the board. Use tape or shrink wrap to keep the foam in place. Add additional padding to the more ding-prone areas of the board, such as the nose and tail. Consider packing soft items, such as wet suits, towels and clothes, around these parts of the board.
  5. Slip the heavily padded board in your new board bag and mark the bag as “fragile!” If you’re traveling with multiple boards, make sure the largest board is on bottom.
  6. Skip the hassle and rent a board! If you’re trying to travel light or if your board isn’t right for the conditions you’ll be surfing in, consider renting your board from a local surf shop, such Surf N Sea on the North Shore! Contact us today for more!