4 Reasons Surf Lessons are Great for Kids

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Hawaii is a fun, exciting place for families with kids to travel. For many families, there are a lot of new experiences for kids, such as observing new wildlife in the oceans and hiking in different habitats.
Surfing is another great activity for families with kids. Even those who have never stepped foot on a surf board before will be able to enjoy lessons from one of our professional surf instructors. There are many reasons that surf lessons are great for kids.

  1. Teaches basic beach safety
    For many kids, beach safety is a foreign topic. For those who have traveled to Hawaii from a cold or landlocked place, this trip may be the first occasion they spend time in the ocean. Surf lessons are a great way to learn how to stay safe in the ocean in a fun, structured environment. All our instructors are first aid certified, so you can be sure your kids are in great hands.
  2. Unique hobby
    Surfing is something that is only accessible in certain parts of the world. This may be the first opportunity for your kids to try this unique sport! Take the opportunity to try something new, and help your kids create lasting memories.
  3. A great workout
    It is important for all people — especially children — to get at least half an hour of exercise every day. Surfing is an exciting way to get that work out in. Most kids won’t even know they’re working out. They’ll just think they’re having fun!
  4. Give you a break
    Hey, you’re on vacation, too! While the kids are at their surf lesson, you can take some time for yourself. Try a scuba diving lesson or peruse the local surf shops for some new gear. Or simply stroll down the beach and enjoy the view.

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