3 ways to canoe the North Shore

Are you searching for a unique way to see the North Shore while in Haleiwa? Step off land and onto the waters with Hale’iwa Canoe Tours. The experience is unlike anything you’ve seen before — a long canoe provides a comfortable paddling experience as you tour the open waters or canals. Adventurers learn the technique of “Hoe Wa’a,” or Hawaiian canoe paddling, as they tour the area.

Check out cultural sites and keep your eyes peeled for abundant sea life, including turtles, Hawaiian monk seals, eagle rays, dolphins, whales and other species of fish found only in the Hawaiian waters.

There are three options for tours:

  • Hale’iwa Cultural & Scenic Tour
    Tour guides will take to our traditional “Wa’a Kaulua, a double-hull outrigger canoe, to journey up Oahu’s longest river, the Anahulu steam. Paddlers will see beautiful sights along the shores, including the Rainbow Bridge, Haleiwa harbor and other historic landmarks. A sea turtle or Hawaiian bird may even visit you on the journey.
  • Hale’iwa Sunset Tour
    The sun, or “Kala,” has always played an important role in Hawaiian culture — it is the life-force that connects us all. Nothing is more spiritual than pointing your canoe toward the horizon as the sun sinks below, casting beautiful light on all you see. As the light disappears and the stars make their first appearance, you’ll feel connected to the islands in a way you never believed possible.
  • Hale’iwa “Holo Holo” Open Ocean & Coastline Experience
    Take to the open waters and revel in the deep blue of the ocean as you travel the coastline in one of our three “wa’a kaukahi,” or single-hull Hawaiian outrigger canoes. Keep your eyes peeled for whales, birds and playful dolphins as you venture out.

All of our canoe tour guides and steersmen are lifeguard, CPR and first aid certified to ensure the safety of our guests. However, the bigger possibility is just that the sights from the canoe will take your breath away.

Ready to book your outrigger adventure? Contact us today to get started.