5 tips for Hawaii ocean safety

The warm tropical waters and Hawaii’s beautiful white sand beaches are very inviting. However, the beauty can be deceiving and the islands rough surf and strong ocean currents can be deadly to the inexperienced. Here are our top five ocean safety tips:

  1. Know Before you Go
    The ocean is a beautiful place, but with rising swells and tides, conditions can change quickly. Check out water conditions and talk with lifeguards who know the area before you get in the water. When in Doubt Don’t Go Out. Often, the area surf or dive shop is a good resource, and their team will know what to expect.
  2. Swim with a buddy
    Whether scuba diving or just wading in the water, always use the buddy system and be accountable to each other.
  3. Know your limits
    Are you a seasoned waterman or aspiring beginner? Know your swimming ability and your comfort level in the water — and be honest with yourself! Are you unsure of your abilities? Take a tour or a class with a local surf or scuba shop. Places such as Surf N Sea will know the best spots for your ability level.
  4. Always read signs
    We know, it sounds simple, but posted signs are some of the simplest, yet most important, bits of information. They can inform you of anything out of the ordinary at a beach, from a dangerous tide to wildlife.
  5. Protect the environment
    Refrain from touching all reefs or wildlife, and stay a safe, respectable distance away from anything in its natural habitat. Don’t give animals a reason to fear you! If you are looking to get up close and personal with some of Hawaii’s famous sharks, considered a guided shark cage tour!

Following these tips will ensure you have a great time in the water. What tips do you and your family follow when you enter the water? Send us your favorites, or share them when you stop by the shop!