2013 Women’s Pipe Pro


Dax McGill has claimed the Pipeline Womens Pro 2013, in the Shortboard competition held in the famous Hawaiian wave.

With 3-6 foot waves pumping throughout the day, surfer girls pushed the rides all the way to the inside, getting the most of the critical pockets.
The Pipeline Womens Pro 2013 also crowned champions in the Longboard and Bodyboard divisions. Izumi Baldwin won in the big boards and Karla Costa Taylor took the sponge victory, with a Perfect 10 wave.




Dax McGill, only 15, defeated Anastasia Ashley, Tatiana Weston Webb, Francie Harrier, Brianna Cope, and Melanie Bartels in the Shortboard competition.

One last curiosity. In 1905, a surfboard dating back to the 1600’s belonging to Princess Kaneamuna of Hawaii, was found in her burial cave. Centuries before Gidget. There are also many traditional Hawaiian chants about female surfers.

Pipeline Womens Pro 2013 Results:

1. Dax McGill
2. Anastasia Ashley
3. Tatiana Weston Webb
4. Francie Harrier
5. Brianna Cope
6. Melanie Bartels

1. Izumi Baldwin
2. Maili Inos Brennegan

1. Karla Costa Taylor
2. Minami Hatekeyama
3. Aoi Koike
4. Asako Shiotsuki
5. Melanie Bartels