How to prepare for a surf lesson

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So you’ve signed up for your first surf lesson with Surf N Sea on the North Shore. Before you meet us on the beach, there’s a small amount of prep work you should do to make sure your lesson is a success. Here are our five tips to prepare for a surf lesson:

  1. Physical abilities
    While anyone can learn to surf, it does take athleticism to successfully paddle out, stand up and stay on the board. Being able to balance on a board is a key ability. If you have never attempted to surf before, try to use a standup paddle board. This will help you learn balance, which takes core strength. Don’t worry about being able to do everything — being generally healthy and strong will be a good starting place! You’ll gain more strength as you take your lesson.
  2. Swim strength
    In addition to being able to stand and balance on a board, you should be confident in the water. During a surf lesson, you’ll be in and out of the water, and the ability to take care of yourself in the ocean is important. At times, you may fall off the board, and you should be a strong enough swimmer to make your way to your board and back to shore.
  3. Sun protection
    Even though you’ll be nice and cool in the water, the sun in Hawaii is still blazing. Make sure you lather up in sunscreen at least 20 minutes before your lesson to ensure your skin absorbs some SPF. Many people also choose to wear swim shirts, such as the ones we sell at our shop, which ensure maximum protection. Shirts to wear in the water also help avoid rashes or skin irritation, which can come from rubbing stomachs or arms on the surf board.
  4. Decide what you want
    People take surf lessons for different reasons, and with different expectations. Let your instructor know ahead of time if you want to get something specific out of the lesson: Do you want to hit the water right away and get a workout? Or are you looking to learn the principles and techniques of surfing before you get wet? Our instructors can accommodate any type of student — they just need to know what you want! Be vocal! 
  5. Be ready to work
    As one of our instructors says, “Surfing is easy! It’s everything else that’s hard!” And it’s true! Surfing is a workout — paddling out, working against waves, standing up and staying up, and then doing it all over again! Be prepared to get a work out while learning to surf. Eat a healthy, filling breakfast that will give you energy for the lesson, and drink plenty of water before and after you hit the water.  Don’t forget your good attitude and willingness to keep trying!

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