5 reasons to snorkel this summer

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While vacationing in Hawaii, you may wonder what the best activities are for your family. If you’re even thinking about going near the water, you definitely need to bring some snorkel gear.

It’s easy to find gear on the island. Many shops, such as the historic Surf N Sea surf shop on the North Shore, rent gear for hours or days. These shops often have new and used gear for sale, and can provide you with local information and sites to snorkel that only natives know about.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are five reasons to grab a mask and fins to snorkel during your vacation:

  1. It’s safe
    Especially if you choose to go with a guided tour, snorkeling is extremely safe. Swimmers float atop the water to look at wildlife, and it’s easy to stay near the boat or shore, take frequent breaks and go at your own pace. With a tour, such as excursions with Surf N Sea, snorkel guides pack all the gear, ensure it is working and the water is safe, so all you have to worry about is spotting a green sea turtle or a dolphin! And all guides are lifeguard certified with years of ocean experience, to both ensure your safety and help you spot the marine life.
  2. Anyone can do it
    Snorkeling is simple — use your body’s natural buoyancy to float atop the water, and breathe easily through an attached snorkel. Surf N Sea even has prescription snorkel masks, so everyone has a chance to see the underwater world.
  3. Unique wildlife
    One of the most amazing things about Hawaii is the very unique underwater wildlife. You won’t see fish, reefs or turtles like this anywhere else in the world. Keep an eye out for brightly colored fish or even whales!
  4. Cost
    Snorkeling is an activity that will yield hours of fun, but it’s also very inexpensive. Renting gear can be very cheap, and tours are a great way to get your money’s worth — the guides, who have years of ocean experience, are trained at spotting things you might not have seen otherwise.
  5. So serene!
    What’s more relaxing than floating in warm waters, enjoying all the natural beauty of Hawaii? There’s no time-limit on snorkeling, because you don’t have limited oxygen like scuba diving. Instead, you can go at your own pace and enjoy the serenity.

Have we convinced you? Snorkeling is the best and most popular activity to do in Hawaii. Let us show you some of our favorite spots! Book a tour today.